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Wedding Musicians

We are a professional live music act and happy to perform as your wedding musicians either as a duo or band. We usually play as a 2-piece band, but on the other hand if you want more musicians at your wedding, we would also be happy to turn up as a bigger band.

How many wedding musicians to hire?

wedding musiciansWhile having options might make it a more detailed booking, this also allows you to consider how you would like your music performed. For example, it could be that you may like a:

  • Professional wedding duo to play in the background while your guests dine and continue by bringing in the party music or,
  • Wedding party band to start the entertainment after the dinner, so you and your guests can dance the night away.

Either way Light and Shade are a notably great choice as wedding musicians for your special day.

Wedding musicians: Hampshire

When you hire wedding musicians you should not need to pay for additional travel costs. For this reason we do not charge for travel expenses for our covered locations. Also, they should be able to learn and perform a special song for you, which we provide at no extra cost. Additionally, speaking of cost, we don't charge you extra just because you're having a special day either!

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