Wedding Music | Hiring a Band or DJ for wedding music?

Wedding Music

wedding musicHow do you choose the wedding music that suits your day the best? Firstly, there are a number of important factors you need to consider when hiring wedding music:

Band or DJ for wedding music?

Some wedding music organisers may want a DJ because they believe that they are cheaper than a live band. Although the average cost of a DJ has increased in recent times and there are many live bands over-charging for wedding performances, it certainly isn't the case that every live wedding music band is expensive. (For example, as a hi-tech duo we're much more affordable than some DJs, not to mention most wedding bands!) Also, a live band can provide recorded music before, during and after the live music (like the DJ service we supply!) which can save you money whilst providing an entire evening of unique wedding music. It is also common for wedding reception bookings to hire both; a live band and a DJ playing between each other's sets.

What wedding music should you have?

This will depend on your own musical tastes (as well as that of your guests!). Generally, the songs performed will be suitable for all in attendance and to the event itself. Our repertoire of 200+ songs range from 1940s to today's top hits covering pop, rock, funk, blues, rock 'n roll and soul genres.

What are the average costs for wedding music?

For us, this question is simple to answer; the cost is the same as all the other events we perform! We do not charge you extra just because you're having a special day! 🙂 Our prices for live band performances are based on the location and day of the performance while considering the type of wedding band or wedding duo you require.

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