Music Bands for Weddings | How to book a band for a wedding and why choose Light and Shade

Music Bands for Weddings

There are great options to hire a band for a wedding. And a great number of music bands for weddings performing live at receptions, ceremonies and parties all over the United Kingdom, but how to book a band for a wedding and what should you know and ask?


How to hire a band for a wedding?

So what are the considerations and questions to ask wedding bands and in particular, questions to ask your wedding band?

  • When you hire a band for a wedding it is important that they are also in the same county!
    • Booking a wedding band can be expensive and you don't want band member travel added to the live band hire cost. Light and Shade are do not charge extra for travel to any events within the area.
  • You should check their equipment has been recently PAT tested, this will ensure their electrical instruments are up to standard.
    • Also check that the band you're booking for your wedding have current Public Liability Insurance, which ensures that in the event of an accident or injury during a performance, the live band is insured. Our equipment is PAT tested and we hold active PLI during our performances.
  • Ensure the wedding band you hire is right for you. Your wedding is special and unique to you so make sure the band for your wedding fits with how you want your special day to sound.
    • Whether you want a wedding duo playing sweetly in the background or a band to party the night away, We can and do perform from lounges to rock pubs and are perfectly able to ensure your live music fits your vision as a duo, trio or wedding band.

Cost of music bands for weddings

Another important question is what are the average cost of a band for a wedding reception or ceremony? Firstly, the good news; Light and Shade do not charge extra just because you are having a special day! Check out our great live music hire rates, which are the same for regardless of venue or event type if you want to hire a band for a wedding at great value too.

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