Live Music for Weddings | Live Band Wedding Cost

Live Music for Weddings

Booking live music for weddings should be a part of the magic on your special day. We perform live music for weddings which will fit the ambience of your particular event, everyone is different after-all and so are their weddings. Our wedding music songs will offer plenty of opportunity for the happy couple and all their guests to sing and dance along to all night long!

Live Music for Weddings: Band, Trio or Duo

Light and Shade can perform live music for weddings in a number of ways:

  • Band | 4+ piece - great lively night of music!
  • Trio | 3 piece - cost effective solution but still great!
  • Duo | 2 piece electrified wedding duo - great for smaller events!

Live Band Wedding Cost

Our live band wedding cost don't suddenly increase when you mention the word "wedding". We're much more affordable than most bands providing live music. We would be more than happy to discuss about arranging the music for your wedding and all details involved. We can also help in even more ways:

  • We do not charge extra for travel costs anywhere in Hampshire
  • No extra cost to learn and perform a special song for you
  • We can provide DJ and additional services cheaper than many other band costs

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