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Alternative Wedding Music

Everyone is different and some people prefer an alternative lifestyle, which can mean that when they get married they need alternative wedding music that provides unique and unusual wedding entertainment. Light and Shade provide an alternative wedding music choice as a hi-tech duo. So, you are sure to book an act which will be as special as your occasion. Get in touch to discuss your alternative wedding music hire!

Unique Wedding Music

As a hi-tech duo, we offer a unique alternative to traditional wedding bands. We perform with electric guitar, keyboards and male & female vocals alongside our professionally produced custom backing tracks. This means that we are able to cover many more song and genre varieties in a more faithful way. Light and Shade are also unique as we play every type of venue, from lounge to rock and do so as a duo and a band with additional musicians, which means we can offer unique wedding music entertainment to exactly suit the type of wedding you want.

Unusual wedding music

Your special day is not usual, so why book the usual wedding entertainment? We offer unusual wedding music as we can play as a duo or a wedding band or even both on the same day! If you have an unusual request we'd love to hear from you, no idea is too unusual for us!

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