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1 Are you looking to hire a duo or a band for your pub, bar or club? Whether¬†you’re a high street cocktail bar or a country pub in the sticks, Light and Shade pub duo band want to play you!¬†Get in touch today and hire a great pub duo band at affordable prices. As musicians […]

Light and Shade Duo Band

Venue + Poster = Everybody happy!

We love it when pubs, clubs and venues put our posters up! We always send our posters to help ensure more people/customers are aware of the event giving it the best chance for a good turnout and a great night for all involved! Light and Shade Duo – 2 piece pub band for hire – […]

Light and Shade Hi-Tech Duo Band

5 Great Reasons to Book Light and Shade

Great value for money and cheaper than many of the larger bands you may consider Unique cover versions of popular songs offering your audience something different Wide range of repertoire to suit all ages and tastes in music, from Bieber to Metallica as required! Professional and happy to work with you to provide a whole […]

Pub Bands For Hire

Trying to find Pub Bands For Hire? Look no further! Light and Shade duo band perform in pubs, clubs and bars all across Hampshire and deliver a fantastic night of music every time.

Whatever type of pub you run we know how to entertain audiences and can do so just as a duo. With a huge repertoire at our disposal we can select the right music for your clientele and keep them singing, dancing and (most importantly) filling your tills! Pub Bands For Hire? Light and Shade are ready and waiting! Get in touch with us today.

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