Wedding Duo Band | Hire Great Live Music for Ceremony and Reception

Wedding Duo Band to Hire for Great Live Music at your Ceremony and Reception

Wedding Duo Band

Book a professional live wedding duo band for your special day.

Add extra magic and set the mood with live wedding music on this beautiful occasion whether it's at the ceremony, the reception or both!  Tell us the type of live music you want to hire for your wedding!

Hire a Wedding Duo Band

Are acoustic wedding duos not your thing? We perform the songs to especially suit you and your guests. As a hi-tech wedding duo band, with electric guitar, keyboard, male and female vocals, and custom backing tracks we're something a bit different and more versatile than others. 

Professional Duo Band to Hire for Weddings

Since Light and Shade are a full-time professional music act we work closely with function, party and event planners, to ensure that we supply exactly what is needed.

When you consider hiring live wedding music, from arrival and timings, songs performed and (of course) the fees involved, working with Light and Shade wedding duo band is exactly what you need.

Watch | Listen (Ceremony)

Example Wedding Ceremony Songs:

Moon river (Andy Williams)
Sway (Dean Martin)
To make you feel my love (Adele)
Take me to church (Hozier)
Signed, sealed, delivered (Stevie Wonder)
I can see clearly now (Jimmy Cliff)
Sugar pie honey bunch (The Four Tops)
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps (Doris Day)
Chasing cars (Snow Patrol)
Stand by me (Ben E. King)
Can't take my eyes off of you (Andy Williams)
My girl (The Temptations)
My guy (Mary Wells)
...and many more!

Watch | Listen (Reception)

Example Wedding Reception Songs:

Cake by the ocean (DNCE)
I feel good (James Brown)
Sweet home alabama (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
Ain't Nobody (Chaka Khan)
Johnny B Goode (Chuck Berry)
Play that funky music (Wild Cherry)
One way or another (Blondie)
Mr Brightside (The Killers)
La Bamba-Twist and Shout (Los Lobos/The Beatles)
Happy (Pharrell Williams)
Let me entertain you (Robbie Williams)
Summer of ’69 (Bryan Adams)
We are family (Sister Sledge)
...and many more!

Wedding Music the Duo Band Plays

The live wedding music generally falls into two categories, during the drinks or dinner section and as the main entertainment at the evening reception. Both types of music have different requirements from the music. Light and Shade can supply either type or both on the same day!

We are able to provide live music for the entire day and evening. You can also have the wedding duo to play during the day and then with additional band members, turn into a bigger wedding band for the reception!

Additionally, since marriages are all unique, so are the people involved, so let us help customise a day or night of music that is as subtle or as loud as you need it to be.

How Much Does the Wedding Duo Band Cost?

We also do not charge extra to learn and perform a special song during the booking and our wedding duo or band rates are much cheaper than many others! Send your enquiry below, and let us add the extra sprinkle of magic to your special day!

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Wedding Music | Hiring a Band or DJ for wedding music?

Wedding Music

Wedding Music

wedding musicHow do you choose the wedding music that suits your day the best? Firstly, there are a number of important factors you need to consider when hiring wedding music:

Band or DJ for wedding music?

Some wedding music organisers may want a DJ because they believe that they are cheaper than a live band. Although the average cost of a DJ has increased in recent times and there are many live bands over-charging for wedding performances, it certainly isn't the case that every live wedding music band is expensive. (For example, as a hi-tech duo we're much more affordable than some DJs, not to mention most wedding bands!) Also, a live band can provide recorded music before, during and after the live music (like the DJ service we supply!) which can save you money whilst providing an entire evening of unique wedding music. It is also common for wedding reception bookings to hire both; a live band and a DJ playing between each other's sets.

What wedding music should you have?

This will depend on your own musical tastes (as well as that of your guests!). Generally, the songs performed will be suitable for all in attendance and to the event itself. Our repertoire of 200+ songs range from 1940s to today's top hits covering pop, rock, funk, blues, rock 'n roll and soul genres.

What are the average costs for wedding music?

For us, this question is simple to answer; the cost is the same as all the other events we perform! We do not charge you extra just because you're having a special day! 🙂 Our prices for live band performances are based on the location and day of the performance while considering the type of wedding band or wedding duo you require.

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Music Bands for Weddings | How to book a band for a wedding and why choose Light and Shade

Music Bands for Weddings

Music Bands for Weddings

There are great options to hire a band for a wedding. And a great number of music bands for weddings performing live at receptions, ceremonies and parties all over the United Kingdom, but how to book a band for a wedding and what should you know and ask?


How to hire a band for a wedding?

So what are the considerations and questions to ask wedding bands and in particular, questions to ask your wedding band?

  • When you hire a band for a wedding it is important that they are also in the same county!
    • Booking a wedding band can be expensive and you don't want band member travel added to the live band hire cost. Light and Shade are do not charge extra for travel to any events within the area.
  • You should check their equipment has been recently PAT tested, this will ensure their electrical instruments are up to standard.
    • Also check that the band you're booking for your wedding have current Public Liability Insurance, which ensures that in the event of an accident or injury during a performance, the live band is insured. Our equipment is PAT tested and we hold active PLI during our performances.
  • Ensure the wedding band you hire is right for you. Your wedding is special and unique to you so make sure the band for your wedding fits with how you want your special day to sound.
    • Whether you want a wedding duo playing sweetly in the background or a band to party the night away, We can and do perform from lounges to rock pubs and are perfectly able to ensure your live music fits your vision as a duo, trio or wedding band.

Cost of music bands for weddings

Another important question is what are the average cost of a band for a wedding reception or ceremony? Firstly, the good news; Light and Shade do not charge extra just because you are having a special day! Check out our great live music hire rates, which are the same for regardless of venue or event type if you want to hire a band for a wedding at great value too.

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