Hire a Band | Looking to hire a band? What to consider

Hire a Band

Hire a Band

Looking to hire a band? Live music is a great way to add additional value to any event, whether private or open to the public. We can help you to tailor the type of music your event or venue needs, whilst suiting your budget! Just get in touch with us below or use the live chat to get an accurate quote. We'd love to talk to you!

hire a bandHire a Band for Your Event

You will need to consider the type of music you want to hear and what type of event you are organising:

  • Wedding - This music will be classic to contemporary feel good love songs
  • Background / Lounge - Tastefully performed music which fits into  the background of a lounge style venue
  • Pub, Bar, Club - Well-known sing-along's ideal for a mixed audience
  • Party / Function - Upbeat music perfect for singing and dancing the night away
  • Rock - Hard and heavy tunes for those that need some bite in their music!

Hire a Band at Great Value

Light and Shade perform at all the venue types listed above from weddings to rock venues and always deliver a fantastic day or night of music, whatever the venue or type of music you need. And if you also need great value then look no further than our great value live music booking costs.

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Live Bands For Hire | How to hire a band for an event?

Live Bands for Hire

Live Bands For Hire

There are many live bands for hire but how to hire a band for an event? This can be confusing as each band charges very different rates for fundamentally the same service, and some band rates are based entirely around what you're willing to pay! Then there's stress of actually booking the band, which can involve a lot of waiting time for confirmations from the various people involved.

Light and Shade band is different. Our live music booking fees are transparent and we already know the availability of the members as we are all professional full-time musicians with synchronised calendars. Book us now!

How to hire a band for an event?

Hiring Light and Shade is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Make your enquiry now, simply tell us some simple details regarding the event
  2. We will respond within 24 hours with a quote and band availability confirmation
  3. Respond to the quote and it's all booked exactly as detailed, from the arrival/start/finish timings, to any special services requested. Easy!

Get in touch today and take the stress out of looking for live bands for hire with our quick and simple booking process. We'd love to talk to you! 🙂

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