Hi-Tech Duo

Hi-Tech Duo | Hire a Versatile Hi-Tech Duo for Your Event or Venue

Firstly you may be wondering what is a hi-tech duo? A hi tech duo is a duo band of two musicians which play and sing alongside backing tracks which produce the other music required for each song. This type of duo band is becoming increasingly popular and can be found performing on-board ferries and cruise ships […]

Music Duos

Music Duos | From Wedding Duos to Rock Duos | Hampshire, UK

Of course, when you want to entertain the guests at your wedding or at your venue, you consider live music duos. They can be a great alternative to bands due to having a full sound and not to mention the cost and flexibility as well as compact size. Light and Shade is a ‘hi-tech music duo’ as […]

Musical Duo

Musical Duo | 2-Piece Musical Duo Band For Hire | Light & Shade

Hiring a musical duo can be a sensible decision for a number of reasons: Space – affording a band space can be an issue, especially if the venue is smaller than average or if the floor space usually earns the venue income; for example removing dining tables from a gastro-pub. Budget – Bands can be […]

Light and Shade Hi-Tech Duo Band

About Light and Shade Music

Full-time, professional and friendly electric guitar & keyboard 2 piece band for hire with male and female vocals, which can be extended to a 4-piece band with saxophone and percussion. Listen to the duo’s live demos here or Get in touch to discuss live music hire. We’re happy to work with you to work out the […]

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When you want to book a duo there are a lot of factors to keep in mind and compare. It’s easy with Light and Shade duo. Just listen to demo that suits your event/venue, check our average prices to book a duo and get in touch with us. We’ll supply you with an accurate quote, you confirm, and your dates are added to the calendar. Isn’t it like this when you try to book a duo anywhere else? It is, however we’re entertaining, professional and full-time musicians, more compact in size and set-up and much lower in costs.

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