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hire bands in hampshire

Bands in Hampshire

If you’re looking for fantastic duo, trio or bands in Hampshire, ready to perform at your function or event, you’re in the right place! Firstly and most importantly, you want the band to be significantly good, flexible and fully able to meet your requirements. As a full-time music act we are able to provide exactly that.

Hire Music Bands Hampshire for Private & Public Events

As one of the most booked bands in Hampshire (100+ bookings/year), Light and Shade are able to provide entertainment as a duo, trio or larger band. In this way we’re able to supply a completely different night of music entertainment while still being perfectly suitable for any event. This also includes pub events, functions, weddings, restaurant functions or private parties. With this in mind, in theory you could book us for three consecutive nights (Friday, Saturday and Sunday for example) and each night we would play entirely different sets of music.

When you want to hire bands in Hampshire, we’re ready and able to help! Please feel free to get in touch with us below and we will get back to you in less than 24 hours. 

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Local Bands | Hire Local Bands for Great Live Entertainment

Local bands

Hire Local Bands

There’s a lot of local bands for hire and music talent right on your doorstep!

We like to travel around the county to bring live music to all looking to hire local bands and if you’re in the Hampshire area, we’d love to hear from you to discuss the type of music your event or venue needs. 

Wherever you are, hire local bands (especially unique 2 piece duo bands like us of course!) for your venue. This can help reduce the cost of booking live music by ensuring there are no additional travel costs included in the quote you receive. And not only will you be helping develop local talent but they’ll also likely bring friends and family along to their gigs. You never know, they may also be showcasing their latest wedding music set to a happy couple also searching for a venue to host their party. There could be additional revenue involved for you too! 

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