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Music Duos | From Wedding Duos to Rock Duos | Hampshire, UK

Of course, when you want to entertain the guests at your wedding or at your venue, you consider live music duos. They can be a great alternative to bands due to having a full sound and not to mention the cost and flexibility as well as compact size. Light and Shade is a ‘hi-tech music duo’ as […]

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Book Duos | Live Music Band Hire | 2-Piece Band

Have you considered to book duos for your live music event? You should; because live music duos are a great way to provide live music entertainment, whilst not occupying as much space as a big band. Light and Shade perform regularly as a live music duo also at great value band hire prices, and also available to book on weekdays […]

Musical Duo

Musical Duo | 2-Piece Musical Duo Band For Hire | Light & Shade

Hiring a musical duo can be a sensible decision for a number of reasons: Space – affording a band space can be an issue, especially if the venue is smaller than average or if the floor space usually earns the venue income; for example removing dining tables from a gastro-pub. Budget – Bands can be […]

Music Duo

Music Duo | Light and Shade Live Music Duo

Looking for a music duo for your wedding, function, party, pub, hotel or lounge? Light and Shade music duo is perfect for any event or venue by all means. Uniquely, the music duo offers more flexibility than you may think. Complete volume control: No sound limiter issues and happy neighbours Compact size: The duo is significantly able to […]

2-Piece Band

Light and Shade is a professional, versatile, affordable & fun 2-piece band. We’re available to book for any wedding, party, function, event, pub, bar or club.

As a 2-piece band based in Hampshire, we perform versatile sets of music with different styles covering the best of all time. As a result, our song list ranges from 1940’s classics to today’s top hits. Our extensive repertoire of over 200 songs consists of the best of classic, pop, rock, funk, disco, blues, rock & roll, swing and soul. At any event we pay extra attention to detail to personalise our sets to suit your venue/event and all guests involved.

Hiring a 2-piece band is much cheaper and easier than dealing with larger bands. From availability of individual band members to band cost, Light and Shade is simpler to book. As a professional and full-time 2-piece band, and also a couple, we love our job. We also enjoy talking to you and helping you organise the live music for your event.

Our previous experience as a 2-piece band ranges from country pubs to high street bars; formal black tie events to weddings. So, regardless of your event size and budget, please get in touch. We will ensure that we create a fantastic set of live music to fit you best and go along with your event.

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