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Live Party Music

Book live party music in Hampshire with a great party band or party duo. We will provide a great night of live party music for upbeat fun songs for everyone can sing and dance along to. We're happy to work with you on the songs to play during your event and also tailor the songs we play during the break to fit the theme.

Live Party Music Hire: Party Band or Duo

As a live party music band we can play, well, anywhere and anything! Here's just a few examples:

  • Dinner party live music band;
    • perhaps while sat in the conservatory playing smooth, stylish and interesting background music
  • House party live music band;
    • cool songs played while sat in a bay window (volume control and only 2 meter square fully set up!)
  • Pub/function live music band;
    • performing fun party songs in a hired room or area in a local pub
  • Venue party live music band;
    • an energetic set designed to keep the dance floor filled, played main stage in a local hall

And many more besides! Just tell us what you want and let Light and Shade's live party music help you set the mood right!

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