Live Music Hire | Live Music for Events and Cost of Booking a Band

Live Music Hire

Live music hire for events is a great way to ensure your function or party has that extra touch of magic. Especially when you hire a band that can play the type of music needed to suit your event too. No more worrying if the band will be too 'rock' for your lounge crowd or too background for your party guests. Hire us!

Live Music for Events & Cost of Booking a Band

You may wonder; what does live music for events hire cost? More expensive does not always mean you get more for your money. Light and Shade have special prices for different sizes of bands required at your live music performance and separate band hire costs on different days, ensuring you always get the right band (or duo!) at the right price. No more worrying if the band is going to charge you the earth for the same music they play most weekends!

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