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Live Band

There's nothing quite like the impact of live band at an event, transforming it from mundane chart music piped through a PA to a performance you can watch, enjoy, engage and interact with. Light and Shade perform live music, which results in a much richer experience.

Hire a Live Band for any Event or Venue:

When you're looking to hire a live band for your event or venue, you may want to consider:

  • The size of the live band: Light and Shade can perform as a duo, trio or quartet depending on your requirements. The duo is incredibly compact and can fit very small areas, a house party bay window or corner of a restaurant for example. Whereas, the quartet fits into any general performance area or main-stage very comfortably!
  • The type of songs they perform: The music should fit your event, whether that's a birthday party in a pub, background music at a wedding or corporate party music. We perform music fit for any occasion and we'd love to hear from you if you have any special song requests too! Contact us now.
  • The cost!

How much to hire a live band?

As any live band come in many different sizes, so can their fees. How much is it to book a live band? This depends on the band. Light and Shade do not charge more for the type of event and we also do not charge extra for travel within our area. How much is it to hire a band? With us, it costs a lot less because you can choose exactly the right size and type of live band you need!

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