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Hi-Tech Duo

Hi Tech DuoFirstly you may be wondering what is a hi-tech duo? A hi tech duo is a duo band of two musicians which play and sing alongside backing tracks which produce the other music required for each song. This type of duo band is becoming increasingly popular and can be found performing on-board ferries and cruise ships as well as in most of the top hotels around the world.

In the case of Light and Shade we perform live electric guitar, keyboard and male/female vocals, with our unique customised backing tracks providing the drums/percussion, bass and other instruments required, for example brass or woodwind. On some songs the sound produced is the equivalent of hiring an orchestra!

Why hire a hi-tech duo for your event?

A hi tech duo is a great choice for your event for a number of reasons;

  • Delivers a 'big band sound' capable of entertaining any audience
  • Allows for complete volume control which is not possible with live drums, brass, etc
  • Only requires a small area in order to perform
  • Offers fantastic value for money without reducing the quality of the music

Light and Shade hi tech duo is the perfect choice for hotels, ferry and cruise ships, any venue with nearby residential dwellings or council noise restrictions and for private functions that want a full band sound on a limited budget.

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