Light and Shade Duo | A Light and Shade weekend

A Light and Shade weekend

Light and Shade Duo

This weekend was eventful! They all are but this one was particularly up and down (down then up!). All in a weekend's work for your friendly neighbourhood live music duo!


We left the casa early Friday as the venue has requested via email a month ago that we play earlier than the usual 9-11pm. No problem we said having already emailed the usual booking confirmation and a follow-up with the event posters attached and off we went into the rush hour Southampton traffic bound for a live music venue in Chichester, West Sussex. We made it to the venue on time only to discover that the owners had recently split up and were now replaced by a new temporary manager. This manager informed us that all live music had been cancelled before they left, well apparently not all! This was a great shame as we effectively lost out via fuel cost but worse of all we were excited to play a new venue in West Sussex. We consoled ourselves by travelling 2 minutes around the corner to another local pub (we're booked there too so it was worth checking!) for a good gossip with the owners and locals about how important it is for venues to communicate with their music acts!


Saturday we couldn't wait to get to Portsmouth and into a fantastic live music venue. We were glad to see our name advertised on the blackboard (and via Facebook all month, no flies on these guys!). There was lots of pent-up musical frustration to expel from Friday and the venue was in great voice (one of the best recently) with spectacular dance moves on offer (thanks lil Joe and all!) and we had a fantastic time playing for them from start to finish. Back to business and we were glad to finish the weekend in style.

Onward to next weekend where we revisit a venue for the first time as a duo, should be fun!

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