Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered our most frequently asked questions about bookings and performances. Any other duo band hire questions please let us know!

I'm considering many live bands & duos, why hire Light and Shade?

As regular performers, we are full-time and professional musicians; this is our job. So, we take all bookings and events seriously (in a fun way!), as opposed to a "weekend laugh" of part-time musicians. This also means that we have professional quality, PAT tested and insured equipment & lighting to ensure a good quality sound and safety of all. Additionally, we always care for your requirements & priorities and play cover versions of songs that fit you, your guests/customers and the atmosphere of the event/venue.

Light and Shade 2-piece duo band is very different to acoustic duos. We have the ability to create versatile sounds (from light background music to party dance music) and be as loud as you want us to be. We're basically a one band live music solution! 🙂 We're also available to book as a larger band.

Plus, booking us is easy; just use our simple enquiry form!

Is it possible to see you perform before I book the duo?

If it's not a private function, of course you can! Just contact us to enquire about our local public events, come down and enjoy your time with us. However, all demo tracks made available on the website were recorded live to represent how we sound.

How do I hire you?

Just fill out our enquiry form with as much detail as you can and we'll get back in touch with our quote. Once confirmed, we're booked! 🙂

How far will the band travel?

Light and Shade covers the whole of Hampshire. Occasionally, we travel even further for special or private events and festivals. You also can check the full list of areas we cover regularly.

What are the band's parking requirements?

If your venue has off-street parking, for the duo only 1 parking space will be needed.

How long does the band play for?

Our usual set consists of 2 x 45 minutes of live music with recorded music playing during the break. However, changes can be made to suit your requirements and perform shorter or longer sets.

How long does the band take to set up/sound check?

Typically we arrive at the venue an hour before the performance and our set up usually takes 30 minutes. This gives us plenty time for sound check, which doesn't take more than a few minutes.

Does the band need a stage? How much space do you need?

In the duo set up, our minimum space requirement is 2 meter squared; whether that's a stage, marquee or a window alcove!

What is the band's power requirement?

In the duo set up, we will need a space with minimum one plug socket, or an extension lead's reach away.

What will you wear?

We always dress smart casual for our performances. If you have a specific dress code i.e. black-tie for your event, this can be discussed and arranged.

Can I choose songs you will perform at my event/function/venue?

Yes. Feel free to have a look at our repertoire and pick the songs you'd like to hear at your event. Do you want to hear a specific song from us? We do not charge extra to learn and perform an additional song for you. Request away! 🙂

Will you be able to play our first dance song at our wedding?

Of course! This won't cost you anything extra!

How loud will you be?

As loud as you want us to be. We are favourite amongst venues with sound limiters. As well as we can bring all the party noises, we have complete volume control to avoid sound limiter or licence issues.

Does the band have own lighting and equipment?

Yes. We have our own professional sound and PA system with lighting both for the band and the dance floor.

Can we use your microphone for speeches?

You can certainly use our sound system and microphone for speeches, announcements or raffles.

Can anyone in the audience sing with you?

Not preferably. Although the equipment brought in for the live music performance are public liability insured, it can be unsafe to step into the band area i.e. extension leads, instrument cables etc.

Will I need to provide you any food and drinks?

You don't need to but more than welcome to! 🙂

What if a band member is ill or can't perform?

We both are able to perform as solo acts. However, we have never had to do this or have cancelled any performances to date. Should this unlikely situation happen we would contact you immediately to inform you and offer you an alternative.

What if you split up before my event?

In that very unlikely event, we would contact you immediately to inform you and offer you an alternative. However, Light and Shade consists of professional musicians and we are honourable and disciplined people who won't let you down.

Can I make a provisional booking?

Yes, we can hold a date provisionally reserved for you. If another booking arises for the same date before you decide/confirm we will let you know and if still tentative, we would unfortunately have to take the confirmed booking.

How much does it cost to hire the band or duo?

We work out or costings in relation to travel time & distance, performance duration and any additional requirements. It is best to get in touch and receive an accurate quote for your live music requirements.

Will you charge me extra?

No. Once we agreed on the terms of the performance (timings, fees etc.) there is nothing more to pay providing the terms stay the same.

When is best to pay you?

On the day; before, during or immediately after the performance. Or you can pay us via bank transfer before or after the performance day as agreed on the booking.

Are there any previous testimonials?

Yes and you can read all of our testimonials here.

What type and size of venues are you able to play?

Any type of venue or function with a capacity of 20 to 500 people.

Do you provide additional services?

We also provide a DJ service to play music throughout the night before, during and after the live music sets. Any additional services can be discussed so just let us know what you're thinking! 🙂

Do you provide music when band is not playing?

Yes. We always have music ready to play during the break if required.

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