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Birthday Party Band | Hire a Birthday party band

Birthday Party Band | Hire a Birthday party band

If you’re planning a spectacular birthday then hire a live music birthday party band that can fit into your birthday party ideas perfectly. Light and Shade function birthday party band can play in many different birthday themes including; Ladies night, Hits out for the lads, All night party, Oldies but Goldies, Spooky night, 70 & 80 night, Big […]

Christmas Dinner Music

Christmas Dinner Music | Duo, Trio, Band Live Christmas Dinner music

Imagine the scene, it’s Christmas and just as dinner is served, festive music begins to play and the room is filled with the sights, sounds and smells (the food, not us!) of Christmas for a fantastic celebration. Light and Shade Duo are the best choice for live Christmas dinner music with great professionalism, versatile styles to suit your […]

Live Party Music

Live Party Music | Hire Live Party Music for Great Live Entertainment

Book live party music in Hampshire with a great party band or party duo. We will provide a great night of live party music for upbeat fun songs for everyone can sing and dance along to. We’re happy to work with you on the songs to play during your event and also tailor the songs we play during the break to fit the […]

Small band hire for house parties and small venues

Small Band | Hire a small band for a house party

In any case, live music booking in a small size venue can be a problem. However, at the same time when you hire a small band it’s not an issue at all! 🙂 The duo set up has complete volume control and can be as loud as you want us to be while no neighbours or […]

Light and Shade Hi-Tech Duo Band

5 Great Reasons to Book Light and Shade

Great value for money and cheaper than many of the larger bands you may consider Unique cover versions of popular songs offering your audience something different Wide range of repertoire to suit all ages and tastes in music, from Bieber to Metallica as required! Professional and happy to work with you to provide a whole […]

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