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Hire a Band

Hire a Band | Looking to hire a band? What to consider

Looking to hire a band? Live music is a great way to add additional value to any event, whether private or open to the public. We can help you to tailor the type of music your event or venue needs, whilst suiting your budget! Just get in touch with us below or use the live chat […]

Live Music Hire | Live Music for Events and Cost of Booking a Band

Live Music Hire | Live Music for Events and Cost of Booking a Band

Live music hire for events is a great way to ensure your function or party has that extra touch of magic. Especially when you hire a band that can play the type of music needed to suit your event too. No more worrying if the band will be too ‘rock’ for your lounge crowd or too background for […]

Live Band, Hire Live Bands

Live Band | Hire Live Bands | How Much to Hire a Live Band

There’s nothing quite like the impact of live band at an event, transforming it from mundane chart music piped through a PA to a performance you can watch, enjoy, engage and interact with. Light and Shade perform live music, which results in a much richer experience. When you’re looking to hire a live band for […]

Live Music for Garden Party

Live Music for Garden Party | Light And Shade Duo and Band

Light And Shade Duo and Band enjoy performing live music for garden party events. The duo is a great choice as a garden party band when there is limited space in the garden or patio area. Even when set-up as a 4-Piece band, we are still compact and able to fit into just about any garden. […]

Book Live Music

Book Live Music | Duo, Trio, Band | Book Live Music

Light and Shade Duo, Trio, Band are the perfect choice when you want to book live music. Our wide ranging songs are perfect for all audiences and our specially-tailored sets will always deliver what your audience needs from lounge bars and gastro-pub in the country to corporate party bookings and popular rock venues! Contact us. It is easy […]

Band Hire Prices | Cost to Book a Band

Band Hire Prices | Cost to Book a Band

Our band hire prices are cheaper than many live music acts for the simple reason; we are professional musicians. As such, we perform every day of the week and this allows us to reduce the band hire prices of the client. Light and Shade are bookable as a cover duo, trio and band for any type of live music […]

corporate christmas party band

Corporate Christmas Party Band

When you arrange a function band to perform as a corporate Christmas party band there are a number of factors you will need to consider. For instance should you be hiring Christmas party bands, trios or duos? What material do they perform? Do they look ‘the part’? How much do they cost? Will hiring them incur additional travelling expenses? […]

New years eve band hire a NYE party band

New Year’s Eve Band | Hire a NYE Party Band – Light and Shade

New Year’s Eve is a great time for an amazing celebration with friends and family. A live New Year’s Eve band performing wall-to-wall party songs will make your NYE event stand out as the best around. We are happy to perform your event from the duo at your house party (we have complete volume control, so we’re […]

Christmas Party Band | Hire a Christmas party band

Christmas Party Band | Hire a Christmas party band

A Christmas function is a great time to gather all your colleagues, friends and family for a celebration and, if you’re celebrating, then a live music Christmas party band adds an extra layer of fun to the event. The best live Christmas party music manages to mix the songs to the right balance of classic Christmas songs […]

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