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Music Duos

Music Duos

Of course, when you want to entertain the guests at your wedding or at your venue, you consider live music duos. They can be a great alternative to bands due to having a full sound and not to mention the cost and flexibility as well as compact size. Light and Shade is a 'hi-tech music duo' as we perform alongside our own professionally produced custom backing tracks. In other words, we deliver the same sound of a large band but with lower costs and less floor-space required. It also ensures the music at your wedding or venue will be accurately performed and that a musician having an 'off-day' won't spoil the occasion.

music duosBook Music Duos: From Wedding Duos to Rock Duos

As full-time professional duo music artists with over 200 songs in our repertoire, we regularly perform throughout the week including Sundays. For this reason, Light and Shade is able to design sets of music specifically for your event or venue, for any time or day of the week. You can namely book us as:

  • Rock Duos; Heavyweight tunes from artists such as Marilyn Manson, Royal Blood, Foo Fighters and more!
  • Pub Duos; Great mixed sets of live music suitable for example from country gastropubs to high-street venues
  • Function Duos; Specially selected sets of music tailored to the audience and occasion
  • Party Duos; Dance hits including artists such as Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, Pharrell Williams & Daft Punk
  • Wedding Duos; Romantic lounge music during dinner or party songs for the reception

Perks of hiring music duos:

  • Complete volume control: No sound limiter issues and happy neighbours
  • Compact size: The duo is significantly able to fit any 2 meter-squared space with just 1 plug socket
  • Big sound: Full live band atmosphere with electric guitar, keyboard and male and female vocals performed live along with customised backing tracks which include drums/percussion, bass and sometimes a full string and woodwind orchestra!
  • Tailored sets: Once you book Light and Shade, the music duo makes sure you get the music you and your guests/customers want by customising the set lists specifically for each event
  • Versatile styles: Whether your music duo requirement is for a background music during a wedding ceremony or corporate function party, Light and Shade certainly has a repertoire of wide range of musical styles & genres to offer
  • Simplicity: Hire music duos that are professional, honest, disciplined and organised
  • Adaptability: Light and Shade plays specifically as suitable to the changing atmosphere of the event/function
  • Attention to detail: Dress codes or particular tastes in music are not a problem

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Wedding Band Hire Cost | How Much Does a Band Cost for a Wedding

Wedding Music Band Costs

Wedding Band Hire Cost

A wedding can be expensive and although many event organisers want a wedding band for the fantastic atmosphere they add to an event a major concern are the wedding band hire cost. These can and do fluctuate between hundreds to thousands of pounds and quite often it is not clear to see the additional value between the many different prices quoted sometimes by very similar acts.

So, how much does a band cost for a wedding?

Before you can get to the band cost for a wedding it is important to establish what it is you want from your event live music.

  1. Do you want to hire a duo or a large band?
  2. When do you want them to play, early in the day during the dinner or at the evening reception for example?
  3. Would you pay extra for a band to travel to your event?
  4. Are you happy paying 20% extra to book through an agency or band listing website?
  5. Do you have any special requests?
  6. How much are you prepared to pay?

Budget wedding band hire cost:

Once you are sure of your requirements, the task of finding your ideal wedding music band can begin! This itself can be an difficult task with many fantastic sounding bands around but not a great deal of current information. It is very usual for bands to post a profile and for this profile to exist, even long after the group has disbanded or reformed with completely different personnel and sound. This can make the task of booking a band for a wedding a pain. The cost of hiring a wedding band is not just financial, it also costs you time, which is even more valuable!

Reduce the wedding band hire cost:

  1. We are available as a duo and as a band performing with additional professional musicians
  2. As professional musicians ourselves we are available any time of the day to suit you
  3. We do not charge extra travel costs for any live music booking in Hampshire, UK
  4. We do not charge additional fees just because you are having a special day! Our fees are based on a professional performance regardless of the event type
  5. There is no extra charge to learn a special song for you or to play music of your choice during any live music breaks
  6. Our live music hire costs are much lower than many other bands in Hampshire!

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