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Small band hire for house parties and small venues

Small Band for House Parties

In any case, live music booking in a small size venue can be a problem. However, at the same time when you hire a small band it's not an issue at all! 🙂

small bandSmall Band - BIG Sound

The duo set up has complete volume control and can be as loud as you want us to be while no neighbours or sound limiters are left upset 🙂

In other words, Light and Shade Duo, 2-piece small band for hire is perfect for house parties and also to cater any event and venue where space is a premium.

Book a small band for any type of venue

Do you have a 2 meter squared space with a plug socket? Then, as a small band we're perfect for your venue! #SoundsBiggerThanItLooks! For this reason, even at our full set up, including tech and lighting, we fit most venues without any trouble.

In conclusion, if you want to hire live music but think that your allocated space may be a bit too small, get in touch with us to book a small band!

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5 Great Reasons to Book Light and Shade

Light and Shade Hi-Tech Duo Band

5 great reasons to book Light and Shade duo/band:

  1. Great value for money and cheaper than many of the larger bands you may consider
  2. Unique cover versions of popular songs offering your audience something different
  3. Wide range of repertoire to suit all ages and tastes in music, from Bieber to Metallica as required!
  4. Professional and happy to work with you to provide a whole night of fantastic entertainment (book us hourly perhaps or on a weekday special, or have us play the wedding dinner then turn into a band to play the reception party!)
  5. We perform for any type of venue or event; whatever your venue if you want live music get in touch today!

Favourite music solution for any venue, event, function or even house party!

Use our enquiry form below to request a quote and hire a hi-tech music duo or band in Hampshire, UK.

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